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Travers' alcoholic father in (out now), a sweeping love story about a pull so strong it leads a man to time-travel a hundred years into the future to fulfill his destiny, the very definition of a romantic hero. For a 23-year-old from Ireland it was a rite of passage. But we lit a fire and had sleeping bags and wine and a shitty old portable DVD player. Better get some tissues for the drink you're gonna spew back out on your computer screen! According to whispers around Tinsel Town, it's recently been revealed that Angelina Jolie was desperately infatuated with Colin Farrell back when they filmed . All of his danger and talent supposedly got her panties so wet, it's said that she would even send him naughty voicemails and video!! It was lovely, and, to be crass, it wasn't fucking.

A: Marcheline Bertrand, now 54, gave up her actigin carreer to rasie Angelina and her older brother, James Haven, after their father, Oscar winner Jon Voight, left the family when Angelina was 6 months old.

Unfortunately Alexander, which also starred Angelina Jolie and Val Kilmer, ended up being a complete flop and was savaged by critics, with Colin’s acting singled out for heavy criticism. Only from the 7,000 reviews I read.’ It’s great that Colin can joke about the Alexander debacle now, especially as he once admitted that he almost quit acting because of it.

The Irish actor was devastated by the debacle and even admitted he almost quit acting because of it. The 39-year-old was then shown some of his haircuts over the years and admitted he’s made some questionable choices over the years.

So maybe that's what happened when she got with Pitt.

If all of this is true, consider our minds WIRED for the mothalovin' day!! We mean, it's pretty obvious they're committed 200,000 percent. Sometimes you gotta feel that crazy rush of firecrackin' chemistry and rejection before realizing what you really want as a mature adult.

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