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For instance: The other night I was on a blind date with a “recovered” actress. Someone she wanted to like her, I assumed, had entered from upstage left.It wasn’t the first time I had heard the term applied to the profession. “You’re just sober, for now, by the grace of God.” Just then her eyes twinkled. The conversation portion of our conversation would now be over. “You’re fine.” She pulled out a pocket mirror and checked anyway. Not everyone here on Planet Murdoch is exactly the same.

“They just rolled their windows back up.”The woman stayed on the phone with police as the man repeatedly rear-ended her as they drove into Phoenix along Thomas Road."If I tried to go left, he would try to sideswipe me."“I drove for 25 minutes and the guy was driving in a complete zig-zag the entire time,” the woman said. Ben Hoster, a Scottsdale police spokesman, said the woman called 911 about report that her car was being rear-ended by a black sedan., but her identity was verified by authorities.While the rest of us merely work hard in order to survive, these people must think of nothing but their survival in order to survive.They must obsess over details fundamentally out of their control (age, looks, market trends), none of which have anything to do with actual aptitude. While ambitious professionals on either coast are prone to careerism, actors must be careerists in a true Darwinian sense. And what’s left of my heart goes out to the rest of us in LA, who, by the law of averages, have to play in that field.

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The black sedan entered a parking lot, made a U-turn and re-entered Thomas Road while driving into oncoming traffic.

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