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I’d like to share with you some common Insert and Update tasks so that you’ll be better equipped to formulate them when the time comes.Unless you are creating dummy test data, your table contents are probably coming from another source, be it user input, data transfer, or from other tables and/or database(s).What makes me especially nervous is when the data is coming from another table.This is definitely not the time for an unexpected result!Forget the fact that it goes against 3NF (normalization) conventions. The ID will always be unique, but the other fields may or may not be. Updating records with data from another table is not quite so simple because there is no UPDATE…SELECT statement.Instead, updates use table joins to connect related rows to each other.Such an important feature added in version 4.0 is so dangerous that you should verify the correctness of every mutili-table update sql.My SQL develop group dare declare 4.0.15 is the standard version!

This chapter builds on that material to go into more detail on several areas of SQL implemented by My SQL.If update (in two or more tables in ONE sql) many columns simultaneously by means of more complicated algorithm, eg., the value of one column is determined by other serval columns, things are worse.I can not find the clear rule described as above, and have to write the sql in two sentances eventurally. As a preparation to sql store procedure, multi-table update can drastically accelerate the bulk update operation.Or, for both My SQL and SQLite, you can add a string column (that holds up to 255 characters) named In My SQL, joining two tables and then updating values based on the joined conditions is possible, though not a frequent operation. An example in My SQL: assuming you've created the For our purposes, if you're using a GUI, you're better off figuring out how to add rows via button-clicking.It's not as nice as a spreadsheet, but for bulk data entry, you may have bigger needs than what can be done solely with just the GUI or even queries.

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In some cases, a utility program is available that provides a command-line interface to a statement.

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