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Over the following 200 years the Spanish, British, Dutch, French and Danish competed for control as the islands became a haven for pirates.The British captured the Dutch settlement on Tortola Island in 1672 and annexed Anegada and Virgin Gorda, which would become part of what we now know as the British Virgin Islands.Soon, the congregation grew so large that by 1823 it was dismantled and a larger building erected in the same location on Synagogue Hill.It was named the Congregation of "Blessing and Peace and Loving Deeds." The Congregation numbered 64 families when a city-wide fire destroyed the Synagogue in 1831.

In time the British established sugar cane plantations worked by slaves brought from Africa and the islands’ masters prospered until the mid-19th century when the abolition of slavery and a series of hurricanes all but destroyed the industry.Why do some relationships last decades while others fizzle out after a few months?At Compatible Partners, we’ve spent many years studying people in relationships and identifying the factors that make two people truly....compatible.After the opening of the Panama Canal in 1914, the number of Jews declined rapidly and by 1942 only 50 Jews remained.Since then the community has rebounded and is roughly the size it was at its peak.

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